Foreshadowing (The Redemption of the Tooth Fairy)

Last night we were at my in-laws house eating dinner and we were discussing Claudia’s impending visit from the tooth fairy. As you can see here Claudia’s tooth was very loose. It came up that recently Devra’s younger son lost a tooth and then he really lost it. He eventually found it so it was […]


It’s weally, weally woose.

Creative Engineering

I was complimenting Claudia on the lovely girly robot that she built with her Legos. I commented that both kids have really started building impressive things. Well, of course I’m a good builder. I want to be an engineer, like Daddy. I told her that it was a great idea. She would have to work […]

What do you title a post that involves teaching your kids about sex in front of your in-laws?

It was the third of July. We were at the beach house. I was sitting in a chair innocently reading a book. My father-in-law and my husband were also reading books in the same room. My mother-in-law was upstairs giving the children a bath and all was well. Then the bath ended and the children […]

Time for Me to Abdicate the Drama Queen Crown

My daughter is asserting that if I make her clean her room she is going to die. I maintain that nobody has ever died from cleaning their bedroom. Can you guys back me up on this? It appears my time has come to abdicate the Drama Queen crown.

Why I Don’t Homeschool

Yes, I spelled poop and made them read it. When they figured it out we laughed and laughed and laughed. Now accepting applications for homeschool spelling deviants. You didn’t get Ian standing near “turd” because we lost the U. Heh, I said turd.


? Originally uploaded by Sarah606 Why are you guys on my bathroom floor? In costumes? With a microscope?

Yes, I Love Her Too

Claudia and I were having a discussion about who loved who in our family. After she explained that Grandma loved me, and Nonny loved Daddy and clearly Great Grandma loves everybody I asked her who she thought I loved. She said “Grandma?” “Yes.” She said “Grandpa?” I said “Yes.” “Nonny and Papa?” “Yes”. Then she […]


As the children were dying their Easter Eggs (Heathens still follow secular traditions for religious holidays. The egg and chocolate industries have won this round. *shakes fist wildly at the sky*) I found something disturbing under my dining room table. Two whole dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. As a parent I have grown accustomed to finding […]

She Keeps on Shouting She Keeps on Shouting

* * * * * She Keeps on Shouting She Keeps on Shouting Originally uploaded by Sarah606

Likely Excuse

This morning Claudia told me that she couldn’t handle Ian because her adenoids hurt too much. *** I’ve been trying all morning and I’m pretty sure I can’t feel my adenoids at all.

I Wonder if Cinderella went to a Vocational School for That?

Claudia sometimes travels with a pack of imaginary princesses. This week they have a rock and roll band. Claudia used to play drums for this band but she has switched to the piano. (I don’t, maybe they are releasing an album of power ballads.) Tinkerbell sings and Cinderella – she handles the lights. ___ (…and […]