Columbus Day

I just found out last night that my kids don’t have school on Monday because of Columbus Day. First of all, WOW! I should really look at the calendar. We would have been standing out at the bus stop at 8:45 completely bewildered. Second, didn’t we all agree that Christopher Columbus was an evil imperialist […]

Sometimes You Don’t Want to Know the Backstory

There are times you run across a scene in your home and you don’t even want to know what led up to it. This was definitely one of those times.

An Open Letter to Grace Slick

Dear Grace, I remember what the doormouse said, I just have no idea what to do with that information. Love, Sarah

The Psychic

Did I ever tell you that one time a psychic told me that I would marry a man whose name began with the letter “G”? That was about 18 months before I met Gabe. Creepy, right? Then again, she also told me that I would live in the Pacific Northwest and work in textiles, so […]

My Children Believe In God

My children believe in God. That isn’t that big of a deal except that we aren’t very religious people. My children believe in God and they like to tell me that. A lot. Sometimes I think they like to rub it in because I am an Atheist, and while I support their beliefs I’m not […]

Quitters Never Win

Last  night I dreamed that I started smoking again. It was such a realistic dream that I can tell you exactly how many cigarettes I smoked. Three. I woke up feeling terrible about myself. When will this stop? My Mom quit smoking in 1980. It has been almost 30 years and I remain under strict […]

My Poltergeist is Back

They’re Here. Really, they’re back. And this time they like Beck. Let me explain. I had an incident about two years ago when my tv would just turn off all by itself.  I blamed paranormal activity (not the movie, but the phenomenon). That all stopped when we got a new tv. Coincidence? Probably not, but […]

I Don’t Ever Want to Know the Backstory on This Sign

Et Tu, Uterus?

Let me preface this by saying that I am done having children. I have two wonderful kids. I always wanted two children. I have two children. I had a loss and then a really difficult pregnancy. I had to have a blood transfusion when I gave birth. I had spinal fluid leaking in to my […]

Goon Squad Will Make You Jump, Jump

Every day my children get dressed. Every day they put their pants on backwards and their shoes on the wrong feet. On purpose. About 50% of the time they will also put their shirts on backwards. Is this some sort of preschool trend I know nothing about? Is Kris Kross making a comeback?

The School Bus Mystery

Can anyone explain to me why if my kids are in my car they have to ride in a car seat but on a school bus they don’t require any restraint whatsoever? How in 2009 do we have school busses* without seat belts? And why are we all okay with this? ___ Don’t get me […]


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