27 Hours in LA

I just spent 27 hours in Los Angeles. That wouldn’t be so unusual for a person that lived in Phoenix or San Diego or even Las Vegas, but I live on the east coast which means I spent about 17 hours in airplanes and airports in order to spend 27 hours in California. It was […]

Not Quite Snakes on a Plane

I knew I was going to be flying on an airline with no internet connection so I thought I’d take a DVD with me to watch on the plane. Everything I had from Netflix was either something that Gabe and I both wanted to watch or iCarly, so those were out of the question. Then […]

Musings from an Airplane

I was just in the airplane bathroom (no, this is not about poop) when I noticed the lovely wallpaper. I think my questions are obvious: 1)   There is wallpaper in the airplane lavatories? I have to pay $25 per bag and six bucks for a shitty sandwich and United is spending money on wallpapering the […]

Can’t Talk, Busy Doing This

We are also eating amazing food and drinking incredible wine. I’d say I wished you were here, but it is really nice to have it just be the two of us for the first time since the children were born.

Planning My Trip to Wine Country

I choose to be in denial for one more day. I’m not thinking about Kindergarten starting Tuesday, I am thinking about my anniversary trip in October. I’ve got some nice meals to look forward to. We’ve secured reservations at The French Laundry, Mustards and Cyrus. Now, who has recommendations for a place to stay in […]

Things I Learned in One Hour in New York City

1) There is a thing called Puerto Rican Day. 2) It was yesterday. 3) Puerto Rican Day has a parade. 4) You can buy at least three different styles of tube dresses that say either “Puerto Rico” or “I heart Puerto Rico” on them. 5) Normal people should not wear tube dresses.

Why Is Chris Mortensen In My Bathroom?

Believe it or not there is a television in the bathroom mirror at my hotel. Does this seem unusual to anyone else? I mean you can’t really see this mirror from the shower and I don’t use the toilet THAT much. I guess it would be convenient during The Super Bowl but the rest of […]

You Want to Know What is Cold?

Morgantown, West Virginia. Milan Puskar Stadium. At night. In December. That is what is cold. That is pretty much the only decent picture I took at the game. I know, I went all the was to West Virginia to watch a football game and I only took four pictures. I forced Gabe to take one […]

You Reap What You Sew

We are on a 16 hour road trip and Claudia has a fever. She refuses to take medicine. Let me explain that Claudia always refuses to take medicine unlike her brother (and mother, to be honest) who will take medicine just because someone else is sick and it tastes good and/or makes you feel better. […]

The Big News

So remember forever ago when I told you that I had something really exciting happening in July and I told you I would tell you what it was and then I never mentioned it again? Well, I couldn’t tell you yet because we had to wait for all of the legal stuff to get taken […]

Aaaaaaah. That’s Better.

Sure I am sort of smashed in the front corner of the front bedroom and sure there is only one tiny little bar, and no it isn’t our connection I am stealing it from a neighbor, but I have internet at the beach house! And now that I have spent 45 minutes trying to establish […]

Washington Monument Reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington Monument Reflected in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Originally uploaded by Sarah606