Double Time

When I found out that I was pregnant with twins I ran right out to the book store and bought almost every book I could find in the pregnancy/parenting section on multiples. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that there were only four of them on the shelf that day. It was such […]

You Other Parents of Twins Know Exactly What I’m Talking About

I saw this on Nora’s blog and I knew it also belonged here. You other twin parents will be able to relate. Except you are also probably saying to yourself “Right, like anyone’s waist looks like that after they gave birth to twins.”


For some reason completely out of my realm of understanding my children (especially the boy) has started replacing his “f” sounds with the “th” sound. They usually only do this when it is the last sound in a word, so stuff becomes stuth, or enough becomes enuth. It is almost some sort of reversed cockney, […]

Ain’t Nothing But a Twin Thing

* * * The irony is that neither can read or write very well, but they are already using social media of sorts. They are calling it “Chat Room”. The apples don’t fall very far from the tree.

Better Make Mine a Double

I have twins… No really, make mine a double. And if you need one of these you should talk to my friend Kristen.

The Pep Talk

This is a slightly altered version of a post I wrote for the DC Metro Moms blog. *** Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Sure, all of your children are starting Kindergarten next week, but that is what happens when you have twins. Just wait until they go away to college on the same day. […]

Evil Twins?

got twins?

I actually have a t-shirt that says “got twins?”. It is from a fundraiser for my mothers of multiples club. I’ve been thinking about it because my blog friend Nora is due to have her twins any minute now. I am supposed to be giving her advice on children’s books for her blog shower (my […]

I’m a little Verklempt.

Five years ago, on this very day, the doctor pulled two people out of me. They were born almost six weeks early. Ian was only six pounds, eight ounces but next to Claudia he looked huge. She wasn’t even five pounds when she was born. She was so tiny I was afraid to change her […]

The Upside of Vomit

A lot of you are pregnant with your first child or are trying to get pregnant with your first child. If you fall into one of these categories you may want to hold off reading this particular post until your children are teenagers. I’m sure when we all all worried about teen pregnancy and drug […]

These Twins Accidentally Married Each Other

Whoops. You normally only read stuff like this in trashy novels, but this was on CNN. They didn’t know they were related. They really didn’t know that they were twins. These two were seperated at birth, adopted by different families and ended up getting married.

The Worst Part is that it is that She was Telling the Truth

For as long as I live I never ever want to hear this again. “Hey Mommy! We both pooped on the floor!”