What The Hell Is Sarah Reading – A Contest

I promised you a contest and a contest you shall have. This is one of those first come first served things so the first reader with the correct answer will receive a copy of Katherine Center’s new novel Everyone Is Beautiful. Remember? I have two of them. So here is the deal – the first […]

Another Contest: What the Hell is Sarah Reading #4

Since Geena won my last “What the Hell is Sarah” contest

What the Hell is Sarah Reading? Part 3: A Contest

I even have a prize this time. I will have a signed copy of Mommy Guilt signed by bothDevra Renner and Aviva Pflock (assuming I remember to ask Aviva at the J & J thing). Now, if you are not a Mommy do not worry. It applies to Daddies too. If you are not a […]

What The Hell is Sarah Reading? Episode 2

I still have this stupid cold/flu/scurvy whatever-the-hell is making me miserable. I am to tired to be clever, so instead we will play a little game called What the Hell is Sarah Reading? (You may remember this game from Episode 1: The pig fisting episode. Thank you Anthony Bourdain.) This one should be a little […]

Short Term Memory Loss – We Have A Winner

It occured to me that I never told you who won the last contest. You know, the “What the Hell is Sarah Reading?” contest. I know you remember that post. It was the one that discussed pig fisting and sinister stains and intestines. The mystery book (which wasn’t THAT big of a mystery seeing as […]