The Key to Looking Younger

Twice this week people have told me how young I look. First was my new stylist. She asked me if I was in school. I looked at her like she had ten heads and I am pretty sure I said :No, I am a grown-up, but thank you for saying that.” Then today the guy […]

On The Upside, I Can Legally Buy Beer Now

Do you ever have those moments when you are suddenly sucked back in time and you simply cannot believe that you are a grown up? I was on a field trip today with The Goon Squad. We were at the zoo and we were looking at the big cats when I walked by a teenager […]

It is Over Near My Icebox

How I know I am getting old – I just referred to the “Soviet” Olympic basketball team as if it existed last year. The Soviet Union was dissolved 19 years ago. *sigh* (You get this because Twitter is over capacity.)