His Kind of Garden, Indeed

Me: I’m going to run downstairs and grab a beer. Would you like one? Him: Sure. Me: Do you want a Sierra or a Hoegaarden? Him: A what? Me: Hoegaarden. Him: That sounds like my kind of garden. I’ll take one of those. * * * * *

Back Door Friend

I’ve been known to drink a beer or two (or eight) every now and then.* I love beer and I love wine. I even love some mixed drinks, but they don’t so much love me. This is not my point. What I was going to say is that I come by it honestly. My mother’s […]

Questions for You

1) What  is your favorite kind of beer? 2) Who do you think is going to win this Presidential Election? 2b) Who are you going to vote for? 3) When you were little, what did you wish your first name was? 4) Do you watch “Top Design”? 5) What song did you dance to at […]

Today is the Greatest

I have a one day turnaround. Yesterday I got home from Albuquerque and tomorrow I leave for Hot Springs. Today consists of doing laundry and trying to procure a broadband card so that I can do my job while on the road. I also had library books to return (the library is becoming like the […]

Beer is Addicted to Me

My friend Lori sent me this. I have no idea who drew this or where she got it but it makes me laugh.

Soda My Ass

I mean really… can you even buy soda that requires a bottle opener? I think we all know why I bought this.