Exciting and New

For six years the tagline here has been “That’s right. You heard me.” Today that became more than a tagline. I just launched a site called “That’s right. You heard me.” over on the brand spanking new site Babble Voices. Please check it out if you have a free second.

Questions For You: Blogs

) What was the first blog you ever read on a regular basis? 2) What is a blog you read every day, without fail? 3) Who was the first blogger you met in person? Someone you wouldn’t have know if it weren’t for their blog. 4) If you had to be another blogger for Halloween, […]

10 Funny Posts By Women Bloggers in Honor of National Humor Month

I wrote this post for BlogHer to honor National Humor Month. I cross posted it here so you can all read these wonderful posts because every single one of them made me laugh. Did you know that April was National Humor Month? Neither did I until a two weeks ago, but it is true. National […]

I Googled You

“I have to tell you” she said. “I googled you and I found your blog.” If you want to know what stops my heart it is a mom in Ian’s class telling me that she read my blog. I don’t keep it a secret. I am not anonymous. I am mostly pretty proud of my […]

What Did You Get Me?

Do you know what today is? Sarah and the Goon Squad is four years old. Four years ago I typed this sentence on a generic blogspot template. Nobody get excited. I am terrible at finishing projects. There is a good chance that this will be my only post. Boy was I wrong. Hundreds of posts […]

My Blog Pet Peeve

There are a lot of things that piss me off. I am a fairly unreasonable human being. I’m not kidding, you can ask my husband, my mom or any poor sucker that has gotten stuck listening to me rant and rave about how much I hate Kurt Warner this week. Whatever. I am off topic […]

Six More Random Questions for You

1) What is your middle name? 2) What is your favorite blog to read? (After mine, of course.) 3) In your opinion, what is the best novel ever written? 4) If you had a girl baby tomorrow and you got to name her without any input from anyone else, what would you choose? (Don’t even […]