There is Nothing Metal About Crying

Yesterday I told Twitter that Claudia loved grindcore. I wasn’t just making it up either. We were making her a Pandora playlist. She wanted to thumbs up Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth. When I told Gabe this story he said that those bands weren’t grindcore, maybe death core or black metal, but not grindcore. […]


It’s weally, weally woose.

Is She Threatening Me?

A direct quote from Claudia: “I am going to the bathroom and I am going to go poop and I am not calling you in to help me wipe because I am going to wipe all by myself and it is going to be a lot of poop. More poop than you ever had in […]

Four Year Old Commando

It was almost bedtime and Claudia and I were in her bedroom picking out pajamas. Mom, I’ve got something I need to tell you. I know she is only four, but something about the way she said it – or maybe it was the look on her face – let me know that she had […]

Claudia’s Mr. T. Starter Kit

I pity the fool that tries to take away this girl’s measuring spoons.