If You Want Free Bon Jovi Tickets Raise Your Hands

Psst. We’re giving away three pairs of Bon Jovi tickets on MamaPop. Plus I posted a picture of Jon Bon Jovi practically naked over there, so what are you waiting for? I totally used to have this exact poster on my wall. Alas, I’ve said too much. Go win tickets. * * * * * […]

Traffic Experiment #3 is Underway

Did you hear that Larry Birkhead bought Danielynn some of her mother’s (Anna Nicole Smith) lingerie from an old Playboy shoot? Because every child likes to think about their parents posing naked. Yuck. Speaking of perverts and weirdos I am running my third annual Traffic Experiment Contest and it turns out that my readers haven’t […]

We Have a Winner!

Claudia and I got all dressed up (see jammies) to do our drawing for our Father’s Day Giveaway. Sorry we are a day late but due to a big storm (it got so loud I made my kids get in the closet downstairs) we lost power for about 5 hours. Congratulations Irma! Her favorite sports […]

Go ahead. Take a guess. (A Contest)

I know what it is (it shoots out balls for batting practice) and I know what it looks like (drug paraphernalia) but go ahead and guess what The Goon Squad thought it was? If you can figure out what they thought it was I will give you a prize. And then I will question your […]