As BlogHer Approaches

This isn’t another “what you need for BlogHer post” or “what you should wear to BlogHer piece” this is far less tangible and really only tangentially related to the conference. This happens every year. This is my fifth BlogHer and every July the dreams begin. A week or two ago I had a dream that […]

Quitters Never Win

Last  night I dreamed that I started smoking again. It was such a realistic dream that I can tell you exactly how many cigarettes I smoked. Three. I woke up feeling terrible about myself. When will this stop? My Mom quit smoking in 1980. It has been almost 30 years and I remain under strict […]

Anyone for Tennis?

I know you aren’t supposed to write posts on your blog about your dreams but last night I had a dream that Kevin Spacey wanted me to play doubles tennis with him.

My Subconscious is a Mysterious Place (Now with Pictures!)

Last night I had a dream that I was talking to Ronnie James Dio about going to BlogHer. He didn’t make his reservations early enough, so he was staying in some Days Inn. I told him that he could put all of his giveaways in our room during the conference. Apparently I am very generous […]