The Late Apology

Yesterday I got an apology that was 22 years overdue. Sort of out of nowhere (sort of not, Facebook and old pictures stir up dusty old memories that we’ve worked so hard to suppress) a guy that dicked me over in 10th grade sent me an apology. A boy that cheated on me in 1989 […]

My New Facebook Friend, Chs Ninetyone

I just got a facebook friend request from Chs Ninetyone. What kind of name is Chs? I thought? Was Chris typing really fast? Then I said his last name out loud. “Ninety One.” Like Nineteen Ninety-One. The year I graduated from high school. Oh. Not Chs. C.H.S. Holy crap. They must be preparing for my […]

Why? Why would I ever be her friend on Facebook?

You know, sometimes you think you are beyond something. You may not think about it for months at a time. It doesn’t seem like something that bothers you anymore but then there is that name and all the anger boils back up to the surface. I used to hold crazy grudges. There was a time […]

Of Course I Did

Hello Real Life Friends

I did it. I bit the bullet. I joined facebook. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t going to but then I did, and it is ridiculous. I’ve already friended 50 people. So you, if you knew me in high school – welcome. You may be wondering what the hell I am doing with […]