Why I Will Be Rooting for The Chicago Bears

Tonight I will be rooting for the Chicago Bears because my entire fantasy season is counting on *gulp* Johnny Knox. Basically, I need Johnny Knox to score at least 14 more fantasy points than Sidney Rice this evening in order to keep my fantasy football season alive. In December. In an outside, nationally televised game. […]

Three Embarrassing Confessions

Confession #1. Thanks to my cohorts over at MamaPop I am hopelessly addicted to The Twilight Series. Yes, I am reading young adult fiction. I am reading an entire series of young adult fiction – and it is about vampires – and I am staying up way to late at night to read these books, […]


I have my first fantasy football draft tonight. I am unreasonably excited. I think I have 5 live drafts (four online and one in person) and 2 auto-drafts this year. Does that sound excessive? ___ My husband says that Fantasy Football is boring and it is like doing accounting for fun. Agree or Disagee?