My Lifehack

Laurie says I should start saying more positive things about myself here on the blog. I guess she wouldn’t want me to tell you that I just mistyped both the word positive and the word things. See also: mistyped. Oh, the irony! Thank you spellcheck. I know I trash talk myself a lot here, but […]

They Call Me “The Mythbuster”

I just stood in my kitchen and watched a pot of water boil. I watched it happen. They say you can’t, but I can. Maybe you can’t, but I can. I CAN DO ANYTHING! You can’t stop me. It was amazing. (They don’t really call me The Myth Buster. They call me “The Boiler”.)

It’s a Small World Wide Web After All

I’m not that great of a cook, but I like food. Gabe does most of the quality cooking in this joint, but I try to do at least half of the cooking. This is why I was on the internet trying to figure out how to hard boil an egg. I mean, yes, I know […]

Randomness Part 118

The easiest way to peel a hard boiled egg? No freaking way. Tell me if you try this and it works. (Hat tip: Faye) Best license plate ever. This last one courtesy of The Kaiser. He sent it in an email that read exactly like this: PS – Don’t watch this around the kids. PSS […]