What Sucks: Part 1

You know what sucks? Realizing that your iPod is on repeat instead of shuffle after you get in the shower.

I Think I Am Starting to Enjoy Mowing

I think I am starting to like mowing my yard. Really. Just hear me out for a second. I know, I always say that I don’t like outside and I hate nature unless it is the beach, but that sort of comes into play. First (and least surprisingly) it is good exercise and gives me […]

…and then I was so excited that my head exploded.

IT’S HERE! Remember when I told you that I won (okay, technically Erin won it for me) an iPod on Blingo?Here it is. Isn’t it beautiful? I love it so much that I could cry. Look at how little and cute it is! I’m sorry. I’ll shut up about it now. But I can’t hang […]