The Class of 2022 (BlogHer Hangover Part 2)

There are actually two kinds of BlogHer hangovers. The kind of hangover I wrote about two weeks ago and the kind where you run out of words. Usually when I come home from BlogHer I find that I have mysteriously run out of things to say. It is as if I have told most of […]


For some reason completely out of my realm of understanding my children (especially the boy) has started replacing his “f” sounds with the “th” sound. They usually only do this when it is the last sound in a word, so stuff becomes stuth, or enough becomes enuth. It is almost some sort of reversed cockney, […]

What the Hell are They Teaching My Kids at That School?

This came home from school in Ian’s backpack this week. I’ve been laughing about it for three days. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? He swears it says Jack.

That’s My Boy!

The Goon Squad has this thing at their school that is called “Star of the Week”. Each kindergartner gets a turn and when it is their week they make a poster of the things that they like and it gets hung on the wall all week and at some point the child gets to tell […]

Hakuna Matata

“Mama, I can’t be hakuna matata today.” He said. Hakuna Matata is Swahili for “There are no worries”. If you’ve seen “The Lion King” you probably already knew that. The first week of kindergarten was wonderful. The twins loved it. They both love their teachers, they were enjoying the bus, they were learning new things […]


Today my babies got on this bus and went off to kindergarten. They never even looked back. I didn’t cry, but there is still time.

Screwing Up Parenting One E-Mail at a Time

As you probably know, I have twins going into Kindergarten in a few weeks. 12 days, but who is counting? I am new to the public school system. I’ve never had a child in Kindergarten before, so I’ve been trying to pay special attention to the rules. I’m not really a detail person, but I […]

Brand New Greatest Fear

What if one of them gets sick on the first day of kindergarten?

Preemptive Nostalgia

I am starting to get nostalgic about my preschool. Well, not MY preschool, but The Goon Squad’s preschool. I feel like I just got a grasp of the whole routine. I am sad that I only have two co-op days left. I am going to miss the teachers. Picture from Claudia’s school ballet recital. Yes, […]