Out Out Damn Bug!

I am the Lady MacBeth of lice. Seriously, I always think I have lice and I never do. In December my head was itching like crazy and I was convinced I was infested, but no. It was (wait for it) glitter. I did not have lice. I had glitter. GLITTER. It was far more glamorous […]


What you are about to read is entirely irrational. I am not even going to try to justify it. * I don’t know if it is getting older or if it is the mid-Atlantic foliage, but my allergies seem to get worse every year. When I was young I wasn’t allergic to anything. Now I […]

I Guess I Was Just Being Paranoid

I can stop worrying about that now.

Can You Help Me Occupy My Brain?

Is it possible for a person to contract male pattern baldness from watching Sports Center and drinking beer? Because I seem to be shedding. A lot.