Procter and Gamble made me cry again.

Me and Mrs. Jones

You know how it is when you get a real Talking Heads moment? When you think How did I get here? This is not my beautiful house. Well, I had one of those moments two weeks ago when I found myself interviewing Lori Jones, mother of Olympic hurdler, Lolo Jones. Honestly, my education is in […]

Why Youth Sports Are Vital

Somedays I cannot believe how busy we are around here. Between scouts, choir, soccer, birthday parties, piano lessons, family commitments and homework I feel like half of the time I am just diving my kids around from place to place. I know this isn’t news to any suburban parent. I was warned about this. The […]

The Best/Hardest Job

In 2003 my friends had a baby. It was their first. Having no children of my own at the time I asked the new father what being a parent was like. He said “It is the best and the hardest job I have ever had.” At the time I thought it was cute and also […]