Why I Don’t Homeschool

Yes, I spelled poop and made them read it. When they figured it out we laughed and laughed and laughed. Now accepting applications for homeschool spelling deviants. You didn’t get Ian standing near “turd” because we lost the U. Heh, I said turd.

Penis Envy? Not Me.

As a woman, there are certain things about being a man that mystify me. Like, wouldn’t tight jeans be really uncomfortable? and If you are wearing boxers does it just fall out sometimes when you are walking around? and If you stand up to pee what happens when you are surprised by poop? Well lucky […]

Is She Threatening Me?

A direct quote from Claudia: “I am going to the bathroom and I am going to go poop and I am not calling you in to help me wipe because I am going to wipe all by myself and it is going to be a lot of poop. More poop than you ever had in […]