Shopping for Sparklecorn

I’ve been shopping for the MamaPop Sparklecorn party at BlogHer this year. Now I just have one question. What goes with these shoes? (thanks to Flutter for leading me to the website where I bought these) ps – These shoes are 100% vegan. Weird, huh. pps – I hope I can walk in them. ppps […]

This Might Sounds Unreasonable At First

I know that it would be expensive and I understand that he will probably grow out of them in the next month or so but I honestly think if I put lo-jack on Ian’s shoes it would save me time and ease my mental strife. What do you think?

You Be the Judge: UCF Crocs

I just bought a pair of UCF Crocs. Am I: a) The honorary President of the University of Central Florida Alumni Association. Go Knights! b) The dork to end all dorks. c) In need of counselling to curb impulse spending. d) Going to feel bad I didn’t buy Gabe the USF ones even though I […]