Snowpocalypse Now

Yesterday my husband came in from shoveling and knocking huge icicles off of our roof. Him: I just talked to all of our neighbors. Me: Really, what is everybody doing out there Him: Janet is cursing in her driveway. Me: That sounds pretty good. Maybe I’ll go out too. Him: Well, she was shoveling. You […]

The Forecast Calls for 10 More Inches of Snow

Because we need more snow like I need more dirty laundry.

Nobody Remain Calm

It isn’t even 5:00 PM yet and my county has already canceled school tomorrow due to Snopocalypse II:  Electric Boogaloo. The kids are going ape shit. They already tried to wash the mirror with bright purple foaming kids soap. My local twitter prognosticators are saying that school probably won’t be back in until Tuesday at […]