The Fall of the Neighborhood Test Drive Plan

Do you guys remember my genius plan to have a neighborhood test drive for my Toyota Women’s Influencer Network project? Yeah, it mostly didn’t happen. Part of it was my fault, I thought I was going to get a Toyota to borrow for my family road trip so I didn’t jump on it, then that […]

The Neighborhood Test Drive Plan

I am working on this project with Toyota and I am supposed to be writing six posts that somehow relate to their cars, but I have a problem. I don’t own a Toyota. I test drove a few when I was out in California, but we really only had about 20 minutes in each car […]

27 Hours in LA

I just spent 27 hours in Los Angeles. That wouldn’t be so unusual for a person that lived in Phoenix or San Diego or even Las Vegas, but I live on the east coast which means I spent about 17 hours in airplanes and airports in order to spend 27 hours in California. It was […]