Looking Forward

I know that I haven’t been writing much here. It isn’t that I’m not trying. I have 14 half-written posts in drafts, I just can’t seem to finish anything. If I do happen to finish something it seems to boring to publish, or more likely it ends up on one of the six other sites […]

Twilight Barbies: Now I’ve Seen Everything

You have read all four books, plus The Host. You saw Twilight seven times in the movie theater and you bought the special collectors edition DVD. You have the New Moon trailer saved on your desktop. You are a card carrying Cullenist. The only thing you are missing is Edward and Bella barbies. Luckily for […]

Cullenism – The Twilight Religion

Sick of Christianity? Is Judism boring you? Do you enjoy Islam, but don’t want to give up bacon? Try the new Twilight religion – Cullenism.

Randomness Part 128

Wow. There were a lot of continuity mistakes in the Twilight movie. * Only Matthew can be so sweet and so hilariously inappropriate at the same time. * Cake balloon decorations gone wrong. * Still funny. * Have you checked out In Three Words yet? It is a really fun blog. Your comments have to […]

Randomness Part 123

I read too many blogs. I know this because I realized that the whole time I was reading the Twilight series whenever I read about Alice I was actually picturing Angela from Fluid Pudding. Am I the only person who doesn’t send out Holiday Cards? I am starting to feel like a total tool, but […]

Three Embarrassing Confessions

Confession #1. Thanks to my cohorts over at MamaPop I am hopelessly addicted to The Twilight Series. Yes, I am reading young adult fiction. I am reading an entire series of young adult fiction – and it is about vampires – and I am staying up way to late at night to read these books, […]