Too Jet Lagged to think of a Clever Post Title


This happens to me every year after BlogHer. I’ve got nothing. It isn’t that I’m burnt out… it is just that I already said all of the things that I have to say. I just said them to you guys in person.

Plus I can’t seem to readjust to Eastern Standard Time.

I suppose I should do my Road Trip/BlogHer recap but I am still unable to organize my thoughts properly. I guess after 14 states in six days, trying to hang out with 1000 of my closest internet friends and then eating a $500 meal at The French Laundry I don’t feel too bad about not being able to focus.

Let me just give you a few highlights of my BlogHer experience.

  • I broke my camera on the first night in San Francisco. That’s right. You heard me. I dropped it on the floor at the SV Moms Group party. The next morning at breakfast I tweeted my dismay. Not having a camera at BlogHer is like not having beer at a football game. Unacceptable. About five minutes later the lovely Moosh in Indy walked up to me and said “I have an extra camera if you want to borrow it.” So thanks Casey and thanks twitter. Seriously, who is that nice?
  • Sitting in the “Naked Blogging” panel discussion I accidentally tripped a guy (trying to get out of his way) and then Angela (trying to help him not fall) grabbed his upper thigh. I hope we didn’t scare him off from attending future BlogHer sessions. I swear we didn’t plan it ahead of time.
    As I was missing my MamaPop deadline – well, as I would have been missing my MamaPop deadline had I been in my normal time zone – I ran into one of my bosses in the airport. It turned out that Amy and I were on the same flight. So, as embarrassing as it is to actually be face to face with the person you are currently supposed to be writing a post for, all is forgiven when you are on the same delayed flight.
  • If you are in the BlogHer internet cafe and working on your post for BlogHer there is no need for a thesaurus. You can just yell out “I need another word for exaggeration” and the four closest people all have really good answers.

So what have I learned? My BlogHer friends are just as cool in real life as they are online and seriously – try not to miss deadlines when you are in the same building as your editor.

Oh, and don’t drop your camera on the floor.