Do You Know What Day it Is?


That’s right. Today is national delurking day!

(I know because Chris told me so. I think he might actually be in charge of the internet but I’m not sure.)

A lurker is one who reads a blog but does not comment.

What this means for you is that if you are reading this I expect you to leave a comment even if it is just this once to let me know that you are out there and that I am not just talking to myself.

Which is what my mother has suspected all along.

I want you to say hi if it is the first comment you have ever left on a blog or if you comment on my site every day. Show yourselves. Please. (This includes you people who read in a feed reader. I know, I publish my entire feed so you don’t have to but click over and say hi. It won’t kill you.)

You don’t have to be clever. You can just say hi. You can tell me what your favorite color is or your birthday or your favorite song by The Beatles.