Living with a family member suffering from ADHD – how to cope with things

adhd kid with mom

Nowadays more and more children get diagnosed with ADHD, and most of them carry this condition throughout their entire life. Though they are many treatment options available, coping with the side effects alone sometimes can be a handful. Fortunately for you, Synaptol is an all-natural remedy for ADHD found at, and because it contains only herbs, it has slim to none side effects and will dramatically improve attention span, memory, and other symptoms.

How to make it work

Having a family member diagnosed with ADHD, whether there’s a child, spouse, sister or any other relative, can be extremely challenging and you may often find yourself hopeless, not knowing what more to do. Here are some things you should take into consideration:

  1. Be patient: individuals who have ADHD don’t do things willingly. They are very eager to help, they want everything to perfect, tidy and organized but they just don’t know how to make them happen. Once you understand this disease not only frustrates you but the other person as well, you can respond in more positive manners. Patience is vital when dealing with someone with ADHD. Just repeat a few more times the task you need them to do and support them along the way.
  2. Don’t criticize: Since they are not disorganized on purpose and they don’t break promises willingly, criticizing them will just make them feel lonely, ashamed, unwanted, and extremely afraid to fail again. Show compassion and focus on the efforts, not the results.
  3. Take care of yourself: You need to be healthy and confident to take care of a family member with ADHD. You are entitled to receive a break now and then too. Exercising is an efficient way to eliminate stress, and you can include your ADHD family member as well. It can help burn off the extra energy they may have and can improve concentration

Is Synaptol good for ADHD?

If you want an alternative to the classical stimulants, use Synaptol. It’s a homeopathic treatment that contains flower essences and essential nutrients that will improve your family member’s symptoms. It’s safe to use for adults and children over the age of two as well. This treatment will enhance memory, make the person less easily distracted and improve attention span.

Living with a family member who has ADHD can often make you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated since you have to carry most of the house responsibilities. Try adopting a more positive view and your relationships will dramatically improve.