Privacy Policy

Privacy terms

In general, you may use the site without having to send us any personal information. If you are required to deliver them, for example your name or address, you may opt to accept or to refuse, according to our policy terms. This type of information, though, will not be shared with third parties without your official consent.

We have to mention: document transfer over internet (for example via e-mail) can be risky. Therefore, we can't really guarantee a full protection in regards to accessing your data by third parties.

We forbid third parties to utilize contact data in order to send them commercials or informative materials that are not previously accepted by us. If noticed, spammy messages will be treated seriously, and our website operators have the right to defend the legal rights whenever is suitable.

Declaration of data protection for Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service owned by Google Inc. They use cookies, small text documents stored on your computer that allows us to analyze your activity on our website. The information included in these cookies are transmitted to and stored in a Google server, usually based in USA. In the name of the operators of this website, Google uses the collected data to evaluate your activity, then sends us reports. The IP address is sent by your browser, using the Analytics context, but will not be connected to other data Google collects and uses.

You can avoid saving the cookies by modifying some settings directly in your browser. Doing so, though, will not allow you to use, at the full capacity, this website or other websites on the internet for that reason. Same goes with avoiding cookies using a well known browser plugin, named Google Browser Plugin.

Using this website, you allow us to collect and use the data. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy terms, you are invited to quit the website immediately.