I had no intent to actually blog

Here’s what happened. My twin-mom friend, Bridgette, sets up a blog (http://livefromthewangofamerica.blogspot.com/). I am becoming an addict, like the rest of the world, and start checking her blog regularly. I decide to be a participant and make a comment, because that is what makes blogs fun. However, they tricked me (and they might try to trick you too, if you try to reply), and if you want to comment on this site, you have to set up a blog, so that you are not anonymous. Okay, blogspot, I will bite.

Nobody get excited. I am terrible at finishing projects. There is a good chance that this will be my only post.

Since then (5 minutes ago), while setting this up, I figured out what happened. I had to choose to let anyone comment. So, they got me, but I will spare you.

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  1. Hey – you do have other commenting options. I’m commenting now as an Other. Or I could choose to be Anonymous.

    Hope to blogroll you soon … Tiffer

  2. Now that I’m a practicing empty nest Mom, I may have time to set up one of these myself!

    I really have enjoyed the babies web-site. Now I can read “the rest of the story” here!

    By the way, a customer just called for you! aaahhh the memories!

    Love to you and your “squad”!

  3. I didn’t realize that a crapper could do a Blog. Make us proud Sarah!!!

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