The Eggs! For Real!

In my parents house, my Dad does most of the grocery shopping. Everytime he buys eggs, he puts them all in the egg holder in the refrigerator. Then he takes the empty carton, throws it on the ground, steps on it and yells “Oh no! The Eggs!”.

Becuase we cannot help becoming our parents, I occasionally have been known to do the same thing when I find myself with an empty egg carton.

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store with my Mom and the Goon Squad. We got home right at the kids lunch time. The Squad is not know for their patience and things got a little bit chaotic while my Mom and I tried to unload the kids and the van and put the groceries away and feed Ian and Claudia all at the same time. When I opened the meat drawer, my eggs came flying out of the fridge. I was forced to yell “Oh no! The Eggs!” – “For Real”.

I actually had to say “For real”, so that my Mom would know I was serious about the eggs. How many people have to actually qualify “Oh no! The Eggs!”? I am guessing, not many.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty sure this would only happen in your family. My parents found other equally evil ways to psychologically scar us. For instance, to this day, I have to seriously think about how to pronounce the word “OPTICAL”. Why?! Because my father thought it was hilarious to call it “Octapickle” when we were young. For no other reason than to watch us struggle with the “sounding it out” part of the learning process.

    HMPH!!! We really should at least TRY to stop the madness!!


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