We were watching “Hit Me Baby One More Time” last night, (TiVO’d, of course. We hardly watch anything live anymore, unless it’s a sporting event) and Tommy Tutone was on, playing his/their only hit “867-5309 – Jenny”. This reminded me of something really strange that happened to us a few years ago.

We were in Wisconsin/Minnesota for Gabe’s cousin’s wedding. We took a small side trip to The Mall of America.

First, I would like to mention not to waste your time going there unless you need multiple American Eagles and Ritz Cameras in a mall to make you feel better. It was very big, and it did have some sort of roller coaster in there, but I’m fine with my local malls. I’ve always felt that one Gap in a mall is enough.

Anyway – I was there with Gabe, Gabe’s parents and sister and I think we were getting a pretzel when we heard some really lound music coming from the level below us. There was a band – dressed up like super heroes (I’m not making this up) was playing “867-5309”. It was October, but it was not Halloween. Someone was dressed like Aquaman, and there was a Superman and the singer was dressed as Robin. To make it even stranger – it was actually Tommy Tutone and his band. The whole thing was very surreal.

Let’s recap:
– Mall of America
– Tommy Tutone dressed up like Robin
– Not making this up

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m convinced that you are the only one that these things happen to. And, I agree with your description and feeling of the Mall of America.


  2. We watched “Hit me Baby” too & felt pretty certain that Vanilla Ice was there as the ringer. Who else was that audience of twenty-somethings going to vote for?

    Certainly not the super-hero clad mall singers.

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