Walk Walk and the Banana Man

As you know, Claudia took her first steps last week. We have known she could walk for a while because she will yell “Walk! Walk!” (it actually sounds more like Wah Wah) and she will hold onto your fingers and walk around the house. The thing is, she does not really need us, she has the balance down, she just doesn’t know she doesn’t need us.

So now we’re on on to her second stage of denial. She is using this car/walker/push toy thing to walk around the house with. She really thinks that she needs it. The thing that makes us believe that Claudia does not need this to walk is that she will get it stuck up against a table or wall and she will pick the entire car off of the ground and turn around with it, so that she can use it to walk in the other direction.

We know she can walk, but now we have to figure out how to convince her that she can walk.

In an unrelated story, we were trying to teach the kids sign language for the word more. Ian understands the concept, but he claps instead. So, when Ian claps, it usually means he wants food. Most of the time he will even point at the food that he wants.

This morning, at breakfast, Ian ate almost two full bananas by clapping and pointing. I even had to give him some off of his sister’s tray. I’ve never met anyone who likes fruit this much. Normally, I would think that this was a good thing, but since I change most of his diapers, it scares me a little bit. The bananas aren’t so bad, but when it’s peaches, the diapers can be formidable.

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  1. Better than Rob Hollingsworth’s run in with the spoon!

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