I don’t think it’s that funny.

We went out to dinner last night with our friends Aaron and Erin. This was actually a big deal, because they live in California and we have two little kids and they have two little kids. At one point Aaron even mentioned how odd it was for all four of us to be there and all eight of our arms were free. Nobody was holding anybody. Hooray for Grandparents as babysitters.

The dinner conversation, of course, ended up being mostly about the kids (except for the stories that Gabe always likes to tell about him helping Erin move from Florida to California). At some point I said the following:

“That is bullshit. The pajama drawer is just as much your responsibility as it is mine”.
I don’t really think it is that funny, but Aaron and Erin (or the Aarons if you are saying it out loud – they are our only married friends who we don’t refer to collectively by their last name), insisted that it was funny and I had to write about it today.
Well, okay, it is kind of funny now that I am looking at it in print.
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  1. Markkkkkkk says:

    You have a point about the pajama drawer

  2. Thank you.

  3. I’m certain that Jeromy would take no responsibility for the pajama drawer in Robey’s room. He might not even know where it is. And you’re right – it is bullshit!

  4. See… it might be funny, but it’s still valid.

  5. Rally Call: Pajama drawer keepers, unite!


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