Lake, Big Lake

We had a great time at the lake this weekend. As promised, I have some pictures to help you understand what it is like.

Jeff brought the horse head for the threeman hat, but it was too hard to drink through. We did a good job finding other uses for it.

Yes, that is Jeff and Mike on the skibob, and Jeff wore the horse head for the whole ride. Did I mention you can’t really see out of the horsehead?

I wish I had taken a picture of it, but somehow Manny and his wife slept on hammocks about ten feet to the right of where this picture was taken the whole time we were playing drinking games. I have no idea how they could have slept through all the yelling, especially when we played “Calling Alll Vegetables” a game where you lose if you show your teeth (try yelling okra to atichoke without your teeth showing, and you will get a better idea).

So, besides the fact that I missed my daughter walking for the first time, and having several new bruises from falling down in the boat – twice – I feel like the trip was a huge success. I think everyone had a good time, except maybe the people that Paul scared two houses down, by swimming out from under the dock with the horse head on.

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  1. Aaron and I had a discussion about this…and I’m curious….can you even party like you used too? I mean, we were at the lakehouse for all of a few hours and Aaron could only handle a few beers and one tube ride. How did a whole weekend go? Because we felt old after and realized we just couldn’t hang with a binge weekend like we used too…

  2. Yes, but the recovery is tougher.

  3. Now I’m wondering, is threeman two words? Three Man?

  4. Erin, I read your comment that you posted to Sarah’s story. For the record, the weekend set a record. Some of us (Me, Tammy, Paul and Sarah) have been doing this lake weekend for 11 years now (yes, it’s been that long, since summer 1995). Paul and Sarah missed last year, as did most everyone else except Bill, but they’ve been there every other year. This year, we went through 10 cases of beer, one keg, half a bottle of Cabo Wabo (tequila), half a bottle of vodka, two and a half bottles of wine, plus several shots of Jaegermeister. I have never seen that much drank out there. Paul and I agreed that each year we keep getting later starts to the day and that our bodies aren’t recovering as quickly as before, but we TORE IT THE F UP! Of course, I’ll be sleeping for the next week trying to get my body to recoup.

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