The Latest Party Game

Alison (a.k.a. Tiffer) had something on her blog the other day about The Latest Party Game. It is basically an interview game. I’m following Alison’s lead, by trying to answer spontaneously. If you want to play, you can play here, on your own blog on on Alison’s blog. Here we go:

What are your major strengths as a mom? I really enjoy being with them, and I think they know it. I also like to teach them everything and anything, even if it is a strange thing to teach a one year old. We talk about classical composers and football and cooking and heavy metal music, but also about “Sesame Street” and animals and the alphabet. I try to expose them to a wide variety of inputs. I also think my ability to laugh at myself makes me a little bit less uptight as a mother.

If you could fly anywhere next weekend – with Gabe but without the squad – for a romantic weekend getaway, where would you go and why? Some sort of all-inclusive resort, where we could lay on the beach and Gabe could kayak, and we could eat great food and drink really good wine and sleep in.

What are the most crucial things you’ve learned from your twins? 1) I was wrong, I did want twins. 2)There are more important things than sleep.

If you could choose to someday be a success in any career, what would it be? Since I think I am past my shot at becoming a rock star, I would like to be successful in sales. I want to sell something big. Like buildings, or cruise ships or even houses. I want something with big commissions that I really have to work to sell.

Describe the best concert you’ve ever attended. The best show I ever saw was Jerry Cantrell. We saw him play at a little club in Ybor City on a weeknight. The band played a whole bunch of Alice In Chains songs and it sounded perfect. I think Jerry was singing Layne’s parts and he had another bandmember singing his harmonies. The whole crowd was really into it, and a friend of ours who worked for the local rock radio station had VIP passes, so we got to go upstairs and we had an excellent view of the stage.

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  1. I feel privileged that I was at your favorite concert with you. A.J. will get a kick out of that!

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