Randomness Part IV

You all may already know about this, but PostSecret is an interesting blog. I just saw it for the first time.

I got this off of The Sports Guy’s links, so if you read him everyday, you may have seen this too, but Corey Feldman is a freak, and somehow, still working.

Apparently Hurricane Dennis was good for something.

I was watching Maisy again today, and this time the chicken (Tallulah) took off her dress and underpants and the mouse (Maisy) took off her shirt and pants and red polka-dotted underpants and they got in the bathtub together. Plus, I think all of the characters on Maisy might be, um, mentally handicapped. There is no way I could be making this up.

Here is a very short article on why a drug dealer somewhere is about to get in big trouble with his boss.

Here is something interesting for those of you who like to read. On the Gnooks website, in the “Map of Literature” box, type in your favorite author.

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  1. I tell you Charlie on Maisy has a chromosone or two extra.
    I’ve always thought so.
    It really seems to me that children as young as they are really shouldn’t be left to their own devices, even if they ARE animals.
    Just look at the problems they cause, letting out the sheep, Cyril peed his pants that time….

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