Something gross just happened

You can never really guess the things that might happen to you as a mother.

I was putting The Squad down for their morning nap, just like I do every day. Claudia was walking toward her room, with her purse. Claudia always shows up last, because she really likes to close the baby gate behind her. Ian is already in his crib. In my hands I have a pacifier and her bear.

I offer Claudia her pacifier.

Claudia begins to ooze clearish, brownish liquid from her mouth, like something out of Alien. Then, out comes an entire Wheat Thin.

I remember giving her the Wheat Thin – about 20 minutes prior to this incident. Claudia spits this soggy, somehow intact, cracker on the floor, then takes the pacifier and walks over to her crib, like nothing gross just happened.

I can hear The Squad right now, they are laughing in their room, where they are supposed to be sleeping.

I wonder if Claudia is telling her brother about the Wheat Thin incident?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The other day the boys were laughing and carrying on during their nap and Scott goes in and says “Hey guys, anybody come to this party?”
    It was hilarious.
    – Bridgette

  2. I’m so used to nasty, half chewed food around that it really does not phase me to hear this story. Jack used to spit stuff out all the time. Recently he’ll grab my hand and spit it in there. I think, personally, one of the worst is chocolate. So damn messy. But if my husband asks you, my kids don’t eat chocolate. And I will deny this post.

  3. Eric was a chipmunk. He liked to store things in his cheeks for a long time (maybe an hour or so). He would also do it if I triedc to make him eat something he didn’t want.

    As gross as it got, that wheat thin sounds worse. By the way, did I ever tell you that Justin called them “sweet ‘ums”?

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