You be the judge.

My mother thinks I am crazy because I don’t eat food after the expiration date on the packaging has passed.

I think my mother is crazy for eating expired food.

Which one of us is crazy?

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  1. I do not eat expired foods. Once, for three weeks in 1989 I worked for Big Lots. Big Lots specializes in selling crap that is expired. It used to horrify me watching the disgutos who do their REGULAR shopping there buy this expired food.
    You will be sad to know that one day I quit Big Lots, because I wanted to go to Kings Island ( for the day.
    Due to the fact that I did not give them notice or turn in my smock, I was marked a NO REHIRE.
    I am ineligible to work for the BIG LOTS corporation to this day.

    It has truly hampered my career.

  2. The Beast alone would have been totally worth the black mark.

  3. Robin Misener says:

    Mom is crazy! Working in the food industry, I have seen the critters that start ot grow. Did you know that even bottled water has an expiration date?

  4. New reader here…but I think the expiration date is put there solely for the FDA. They RECOMMEND you eat it before the date printed, but it’s really just a suggestion. So I guess you can tell mom she has at least one fellow “I’ll keep eating it so long as it’s not hairy or have a foul odor” supporter.

  5. I’ll go a few days past the date if I know it was unopened until recently and it doesn’t smell bad. But, I won’t eat leftovers after they’ve been in the fridge for more than 3 days.

    Ummm … who are the Crappers here? Have we all changed roles? Even my dad says expiration dates are “guidelines.”

  6. I agree with you (sorry Carol). I am so bad about it that Ritch even tried to cross out the date on OJ. It didn’t work, I wouldn’t drink it at all! I’ve had bad food/drinks before & will not take any chances!

  7. Sis, I think Dad has nothing to do with being a Wright, I think it is the Inventory Control Freak coming out in him.

    That said I take the expiration date pretty seriously. Perhaps this is a Crapper thing? That wouldn’t make any sense.

    Does Mike eat expired food?

  8. I’m going to have to take this up with Mike. I don’t think he usually reads this… I’ll send him a link.

  9. Let’s be real here, mom will eat not just recently expired foods, but stuff that has been expired for 2 or 3 years. There is a big difference! Sure I will drink the milk the DAY AFTER it’s expired, but our mom will drink it the next month! One time Sarah and I found spices in moms cabinet that were expired for like 8 years!!! Keep the pantry fresh…

  10. She had spices from Kroger – we haven’t lived near a Kroger since 1984. Who wants to eat Creme of Tartar that cost $ .35 in 1981?

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