Far too much poop talk for my taste

On the poop front: On the average, I change about 4 to 5 poopy diapers in a day (my kids are the opposite of Leta). Generally, at least three of these are Ian – so when a diaper has the power to make me yell “Oh, My God!”, you know it’s really bad. Claudia just had one of those.

On the diet front: Yesterday I ate 820 calories, walked 2 miles and did crunches. Yes, you read it correctly, crunches. I also chased The Squad around Becky’s house for about an hour, while her kids sat quietly and played like the cherubim. All that being said I weighed exactly the same this morning as yesterday morning. I lost 0.0. I hope I didn’t exercise for nothing. On the upside, I do feel thinner today.

Speaking of Becky – she was putting her 15 month olds on the potty. She is so my hero. She said by the time her two year old was as old as her girls, he was pooping in the potty. 15 months old! She’s the one that should have a blog. I’m thinking of seeing what The Squad would do on their potty, but I’m scared. I’m not sure I’m ready to let Ian loose with no pants on yet. He is the king of poop after all.

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  1. Try Huggies pullups. They have great holding power for the toddler (& parent) that cannot make up his or her mind about using the big kid potty!

  2. I think I may have to change my name!
    Western Australia

  3. I don’t care when you put them on the potty. They will use it when they are good & ready!

    Australia too, awesome!

  4. Just remember, girls are quicker than boys. If Ian isn’t interested, it won’t happen. But definitely let them start sitting on it.

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