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One week, 5 pounds.

Not bad, except I lost four of the pounds in the first two days. Plus, this weekend, I ate some real food (but only beef and salad with no dressing) but I stayed under my caloric intake goal. I think it must have been the beer. I counted my 110 calories for a Bud Light (no good beer on diets), but I knew I was being bad anyway. So, today, I am strictly on diet food again. Unless I get creepy like I did on Saturday – which is what made me decide to try people food in the first place. You know – crying for no reason, getting upset when The Squad stood on my hands…

Either way, two beers in one weekend (especially one that included a Bucs game) is some sort of non-pregnant record for me.

The Goon Squad is actually napping now. I guess 8:30 is a reasonable time for a morning nap, if you get up at 5:40 in the morning. A question for veteran parents – When do we truly get to sleep again? Do I have to wait until they are teenagers, then sleep from 1:00am until 2:00 in the afternoon (like I want to now)?

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  1. I don’t think you will be sleeping at night again until they are parents themselves. with teenagers you stay up until curfew and then every noise will wake you up. Paige is a noisy sleeper and she wakes me when she changes position on her bed. I am instantly awake when she starts walking around at night. I have many friends with adult children and they say the first few weeks after a child moves out, you worry about them even mroe.

  2. Congrats on the diet. Melissa was able to get into a skirt I bought for motivation (I love the skirt) I have set a new goal. I am going to be in that skirt by Christmas. It will definitely be to big for by then!

  3. Sorry Sarah……A.J. is 23 and I still get don’t get sleep through the night.
    GREAT job on the diet!

  4. This was my fear all along.

  5. I am now happy when I sleep in until 9:00 (so it does get a little better). But they still wake me up in the middle of the night. I wish I could give you a better answer.

    Good job losing the weight… Keep it up!

  6. We pretty much have to wake Robey up anymore – in the mornings and at nap time. He’ll nap for 4 hours if you let him!

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