Randomness Part VII

If you have more than one spouse, try not to get sick. Oops.

This one is for anyone familiar with Tony’s story about riding the alligator.

This goes way beyond letting your kids drink when they are underage.

Before Jack was born, and they didn’t know he was a boy yet, his parents were considering naming him Tallulah if he was a girl. Tammy kept saying not to name him that because of some retarded chicken. I finally understand what she was talking about. (See Maisy)

This crap is hilarious. The Sports Guy is going to be mad about this. So are all the other U2 fans.

My friend got into an accident in a cab. No lie – he was riding in a taxi and they hit somebody, He was bringing his girlfriend’s car to the shop and couldn’t get anyone to take him back to his car that early in the morning. This could only happen to Billy (or Colin, or Bill).

I have no idea if this is real or a joke, but it sounds better than the President we have now. Walken 2008. (Yes, I ripped this off of Sweetney’s blog, but I couldn’t just read it and let it go).

As of August 15, 2005, if you did a Google search for “Amani Toomer’s siblings”, this site would be the fourth site that came up on the list. I’d imagine after I publish this post it would be even higher.

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  1. Still number 4, but nice try. reach for the stars. Um, by the way, don’t ever come to visit me at the hospital unless I give you a scheduled time

  2. Nuts. Amani Toomer’s siblings. Try it again.

  3. I still love that name. And I still want to name something or someone Tallulah, Maybe Aaron will get me a dog. Or at least a fish. Hamster?

  4. The Christopher Walken announcement has me intrigued. I’ve seen it on a handful of blogs today and can’t find anything to discredit it as a hoax. But do we have any real idea what he stands for (dancing on air? cool voice overs? overall bad-assness?). I’m not even sure what party he’s affiliated with, but I’m ready to vote for him based on his voice and his bad-assness alone.

  5. I’m impressed that about.com reported the hoax before snopes.com. I checked there and a few other places but did begin to wonder why it wasn’t showing up on cnn or anyplace real. Shucks.

  6. Gabe,

    We’re up to #2!

    I’m starting to get funny about this, huh?

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