Randomness Part IX

I should have just used regular numbers for this stuff. The Roman Numerals are starting to get complicated.

People who say labor doesn’t hurt are either liars or they have amnesia.

Hey guys! Want to see the ugliest outfit ever worn?

I stand corrected about the last link.

Super Bowl Monday. A national holiday? I’m sure everyone is clear where I stand on this one. (Thanks, Frank).

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  1. I would never say that labor doesn’t hurt, but I don’t think it is as bad as it’s press makes it out to be!

  2. You must have a very high pain tolerance.

  3. Its the amnesia. I’m already talking about how it “wasn’t so bad” being pregant and my daugher isn’t even 5 month yet. Aaron reminds me how, at one point, I asked him to kill me.

  4. It’s different for everyone. I had ONE contraction and thought, hmm, that’s not so bad. But the next one HURT. And so did all the others, every five, 15 or 20 minutes, for the next 28 hours!

  5. I think it depends… Labor sucked more than anything I’ve ever felt with Eric, but it was not bad at all when Justin was born.

    Those outfits suck more than any labor.

    You can change to regular #’s now, we really won’t mind.

  6. I’m in favor of SuperBowl Monday–but only because I’m all for having all the days off from work that I can possibly get. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl (or any other football, really) in about ten years.

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