It’s Not Pretty

If Becky and Bridgette jumped off a bridge, I would too. So, since they are showing their big ass pregnant with twin bellies, I will show mine also.

This picture was taken in my fourth or fifth week in the hospital. (click on the picture for extra scary bigness) I’m pretty sure this was Mother’s Day, so I would have been 33 weeks pregnant here.

I’m also countering my big belly picture with a small belly picture from when I was 17 (and apparently stupid). I’m now trying for the belly look on the right – minus the cigarette. Oh – and without the late 80’s hair.

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  1. Ah, to have a 17-year-old belly again. Sigh.

  2. Yeah, but I don’t miss those shorts.

  3. Is the cigarette in your belly button lit?

  4. It would appear so.

  5. When I was that size, Gabe would say “Funny, you don’t look pregnant”.

  6. I’m keeping the skinny picture for when Claudia becomes a teenager!

  7. Holy shit! I’d be SCREAMING for someone to cut those things out of me!

    Still, you were very pretty in both pictures. Except in one you had this big, huge belly full of twins. You have my respect and admiration for putting up with that because of that man, there, who is looking at your belly in the picture like, “Yeah, I did that.” I think I would have killed him in his sleep if it were me. You, apparently, are a saint.

  8. What a teeny weeny belly with that big old hair 😉

    I love pregnant bellies. You look all glowy in that picture.

  9. I wish I had my teenage 26 inch waist back too, but you’re right about the hair, mine was awful in the 80’s!

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