There goes the new coat of paint

When we went for The Squad’s 15 month check up, one of the questions the pediatrician asked me was if they could draw a line – not necessarily a straight line, but something. I told him I didn’t know, I never let them have anything that they could write with. I was afraid somebody would lose an eye.

Upon hearing this, their Grandmother decided that they must have crayons at once.

It turns out that Ian can draw a line and Claudia is more into pointillism.

Here is a picture of why I’m glad they were coloring on Grandma’s table and not mine. It is also a sample of Ian’s work (no he did not write his own name).

This is also right before Claudia bit the tip off the purple crayon. Sadly, I had to put the camera down, so she wouldn’t eat anymore, but it was pretty funny.

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  1. First it’s crayons, then it’s fingerpaints–these are gateway utensils, you know. I hope you’ve thought this out.

  2. Try the Colorwonder markers. They only color on special paper. The older ones smelled funny, but I think they have gotten better. Also, they will look brilliant, because you can’t color out of the lines.

  3. ColorWonder by Crayola rules. We took them on the Airplane with Louis and he loved it.
    We did lose the blue one during the landing, though….it rolled away…..

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