Randomness Part XI

How weird would it be if you were driving along and someone hit you, and you got out of your car and it was the King? (or I guess the President, if you’re from the U.S.)

Which is sluttier this or this or this? Probably the third one, but the second one has that added white trash element to it.

Also, reading this guys post and seeing on his profile that he is a pastor was disturbing. I hope the Pastor thing is a joke – the same way that my profile says I work in the maritime industry.

This beer chart has come in handy in my diet cheating.

Here’s an odd cause for a traffic jam.

Just in case you haven’t seen what happens when two super 1984 glam metal people reproduce, Comments from the Peanut Gallery posted it for you.

Lastly, Mark sent me this Open Letter to the Kansas School Board. Remember, there is more than one religion.

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  1. regarding the pastor, if you run into one of them and they start talking about pastorization, plant yourself there! you’ll hear the best stories about louis pastor (the king of pastuerization) ever!!!

  2. I think it’s the truth. The guy really is a pastor… well at least an associate pastor.

    Out of curiosity, what did you find disturbing?

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