Who else has been to Iceland?

The other day I posted this little post about how someone had visited my blog that was from Iceland. Oddly, it turns out that both Becky and Bridgette have been there. These are two people I met on the same day, because we were all pregnant with twins. They didn’t even go to Iceland together! Have the rest of you all been to Iceland and I just don’t know about it? Is this like the thing where Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan were dating and I didn’t know about it until long after they were broken up?

Who else has been to Iceland? (and you can’t say Bjork or the Lazy Town freak shows)

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  1. All the best people have been to Iceland…..(heehee)

  2. I’ve been to Sweden. Does that count?

  3. No, but it is pretty cool.

  4. bjork’s been over there i hear…

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