What on Earth was I thinking?

Who, in their right mind, would teach a child the word and concept “again”? Do you know how many times we’ve watched the “This Hat” video this week? What have I done?

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  1. When do kids STOP the whole…”Again Mommy…Again” thing??? 4?? 5??? I just read “april foolishness” 4 times in a row and then refused a 5th. I know the whole repeating thing is developmental…but that has to end soon…right?? right??? I have to go dip my head in cold water now…

  2. Is that cold water in the toilet bowl? That’s where I feel like sticking my head after the constant repetition and no alcohol in the house.

  3. Lately we’ve had a nice little race going at bedtime. Who can recite Good Night Moon the fastest…without the book, mind you…the only problem is Jack has adopted saying Moon like the Berkner…MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-ooon. So that tends to slow us down. It amazes me how many books I know by heart.

  4. Is that the “Goodnight Moon” song from Kill Bill?

    “Again! Again!”

    “A clue! A clue!”

    I hate Barney, but I love Blues Clues. My kid wouldn’t be caught dead watching it these days, but I’m thinking about buying the DVD.

  5. Seriously, Mr. Hand, do I have to burn you a copy of my Berkner cd?

  6. I think I need one, especially if Kindergarten kids would like it. I really have never heard any…

  7. I personally blame the freaking Teletubbies for the Again Again thing. I swore we weren’t going to be REPEAT parents because I’ve known people who let their kids watch stuff 85 times and it makes me crazy.
    Somehow that conviction morphed into “We only watch the same movie once a day”
    (ask me how many times I’ve seen Monsters Inc) and we only rewin the tv as far as the DVR will go and that is JUST THAT YOUNG MAN WE CANNOT GO BACK ANY FURTHER.
    Good Lord.
    Why did I think being able to rewind the TV was going to be a good thing?

  8. Seriously.

    And Tammy, I will make you a cd this week.

  9. I don’t know what Berkner is. I suppose I’ve been out of the infant business for too long now.

    I LOVE Teletubbies. That’s the best shit in the world to watch after dropping a hit of acid. Better than 2001: A Space Odyssey.




    Don’t be dissin’ no Teletubbies. I will bust a cap up in here.

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