5:40 am

That is what time The Squad was awake this morning. 5:40. I’m glad I didn’t try to stay awake for the whole game last night.

It also explains why my children are napping before most children wake up.

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  1. But Bill did display some big man boobs under his shirt last night – when did he grow those man boobs?
    I’ll agree that he wasn’t wearing his Hobo Couture – because his front office apparently picked out his outfit.
    Maybe Queer Eye could do a show about making him more fashionable – with less emphasis on his manboobs.
    – Bridgette

  2. Obviously, I have not had enough coffee as I posted this one post too far down –
    why the HELL do you let them get up at 5:40am.
    Ignore them, they’ll get bored eventually and go back to sleep.
    Mine get up every day about 6am and play with their aquariums.
    I put the covers over my head and they go back to sleep.

  3. Ian had been putting himself back to sleep since 3:30. It’s a compromise.

  4. 5:40 – I am not even up for work & I have to be there at 7:15. I often get out at 6:06 & think of you…

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