First and Goal

It must be the first day of the Bucs season. I am using football terms to describe weight loss.

I am finally down 10 pounds! Actually 10.2 to be accurate. Which means only 9.8 to go. I’ve even been cheating and drinking beer. (I guess that is why it took a little longer than I expected, but I’m okay with that).

Maybe I’ll even eat one of these. Mmmmm. Brownies shaped like footballs. Who could possibly resist that?

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  1. 10 lbs – that’s awesome!

    Brownies, yum….

  2. First, congrats on the 10 lbs. Way to go!

    Second, I have come to ask your forgiveness for not starting Carnell Williams today on my fantasy team.

  3. Yes, congratulations.

    Pictures of your new, hot body, Sarah?

  4. MAtthew, I forgive you for not starting Cadillac, however I am sad for you, he got a lot of carries and a touchdown. Who did you start?

    Mr. Hand, I’m not quite there yet.

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