100 Things about me (Part 1)

These seen like a pretty obligatory part of blogging, so I’ve been working on mine. These are more for those of you who don’t know me, than for those of you who do. I don’t think any of this stuff will surprise any of my friends. (Part 2 will follow when I come up with about 13 more things about me).

1) I was born in Ohio.

2) I have one brother, named Mike.

3) I have fraternal twins.

4) Gabe and I were married on October 16, 1999.

5) I went to college at The University of Central Florida, in Orlando.

6) I have a B.A. in Political Science.

7) I have a minor in music.

8) I’m am afraid of snakes.

9) I have two cats.

10) My cats are named after punk rock bass players.

11) I love trivia.

12) I am left handed.

13) I am addicted to caffeine.

14) I was in a sorority.

15) I bite my fingernails.

16) I live really close to my parents.

17) I don’t like to cook.

18) I am good at taking tests.

19) I have one niece, named Zoe.

20) I can never remember how to spell niece. I have to look it up every time.

21) I am 5′ 9″.

22) I have never been to Europe.

23) I am a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

24) I am a Sagittarius.

25) I graduated 93rd in a class of 628 in high school with a 3.9 GPA.

26) My favorite food is bacon.

27) I think same sex marriages should be legal.

28) I TiVo Jeopardy!

29) According to my husband, I throw up a lot more than most people.

30) I wish I was better at math.

31) I think Alice in Chains is underrated.

32) I pay my bills the same day I get them. I’m afraid I will lost them and forget.

33) I used to always carry dice in my purse for drinking games.

34) I have big feet. I wear a size 10 shoe.

35) I seriously hate the movie “Clifford” – the one with Martin Short.

36) I love Monopoly.

37) If The Squad hadn’t been twins, our girl name was Marin. Ian and Marin sounded like we were trying to rhyme. We didn’t want rhyming twin names.

38) The first concert I ever went to was Bon Jovi and Cinderella at the Bayfront Center in St. Pete.

39) I cry at commercials, sitcoms and movies all of the time. Gabe laughs at me.

40) My birthday is December 17th.

41) I hate running.

42) I have always wanted to have children.

43) My middle name was Heather before I got married.

44) When I was little I thought my middle name was Feather.

45) I still sleep with my blankey.

46) People have paid me money to sing in their Church choir.

47) I live across the street from the Jr. High I went to.

48) I think it’s funny to buy people cards for the wrong occasion.

49) I almost never watch baseball.

50) I love beer.

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  1. Not like we sit around writing notes to each other … but I didn’t know you’re left-handed. Now I suppose it’s my turn.

  2. Maybe my friends will learn something, after all.

  3. 10) Sid and Klaud (Klaus Fluoride, Dead Kennedys)

    29) Sorry.

    39) I was crying at the pilot of Reunion the other day and Gabe said “It’s not even well written!” Like that stops me. I told him I cried at Visa commercials too, what did he expect?

  4. Klaus, I’m bad at typing.

  5. I was crying this morning while my GF and I were watching BLUE CRUSH.

    “Oh my God, you’re such a pussy!” she said.

    But everything worked out so well for the spunky, damaged, blond surfer girl! Who knew?

  6. I did not know your middle name was Heather

  7. I thought you quit chewing your nails years ago.

  8. I quit biting my nails in college, but I usually still do it during finals and midterms (even though I graduated from college 10 years ago – I know it makes no sense).

    …oh, and for some reason lately, but I think it’s the diet.

  9. At least fingernails have no calories. Do they?

  10. I don’t know. I usually try not to eat them.

  11. For Pete’s sake, tell me something I don’t know!!!

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