Why does Japan hate me?

You’d think that if you had 1297 hits on your blog, since you installed your neocounter, and they were from 37 different countries, at least ONE would be from Japan.

I know for certain that people in Japan have computers. I have hits from Angola and UAE… but not Japan. Try to figure that one out.

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  1. Write about Tom Cruise! Don’t they love Tom Cruise? Or is that David Hasselhoff? No, that’s Germany. Hmm.

  2. That is the most hilarious bit of nonsensical complaining I have ever heard.

    The Japanese Parliament, if I recall, passed a law making it a criminal offense to visit your blog. They don’t hate you. They’re afraid of incarceration.

  3. Write about this guy, South Korean actor Bae Yong-joon. Apparently, Japanese women love him.

  4. i’ll bet if you devote your blog to “godzilla” you’ll get about 50 hits per hour!!!

  5. You guys have the best ideas. We should form a “think tank” on inane ideas to get the Japanese people to visit my blog.

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